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  • Functionals

    Functionals offers an exclusive collection of furniture and home accessories designed by some of the most innovative contemporary designers. From the start with candleholder Bonsai and floor light Swivel, the collection rapidly expanded and now includes tables, stools, textiles, lighting, and various accessories. Functionals believe their products are made to last, so they are made well. The designers they work with have a distinctive perspective, bold aesthetic, and a commitment to craftsmanship which results in products with an architectural, industrial and graphic look, feel and function. They believe in elegant simplicity, not fleeting trends.

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  • Linteloo

    Linteloo brings together international designers and European craftsmen to create contemporary furniture that lasts for years. The first collection, which was introduced in 1993, showed designs by young designers Edward van Vliet, Roderick Vos and Roland Costeris. Dutch Design was becoming a world brand in the nineties but Linteloo wanted to go further and started a new concept with the now famous feel-good factor. The design for easy living with comfortable made to measure sofa's and chairs was a big hit. The dedicated design team repeatedly succeeds in adding new dimensions to the typical Linteloo style in which straightforward lines merge with a warm cosiness.

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  • Spectrum

    Spectrum, founded in 1941, has an eventful history behind it. Nevertheless, a number of principles have always been clearly recognisable: functionalist designs, items of furniture with no embellishment, whose beauty was determined by the well thought-out and carefully balanced form and proportion of the design. Spectrum was best know by the products of Martin Visser, whose numerous designs largely determined the character of the collection. Now the collection is supplemented with designs by famous and talented designers such as Studio Parade and Chris Slutter, while still preserving the characteristic austerity, clear construction and the use of authentic materials.

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  • Weltevree

    Weltevree is a Dutch product label, founded by designers Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff. Weltevree develops and produces authentic products for the living environment that satisfy our primary desires: distinctive, original and of excellent quality. The perception of quality, functionality, and a feeling of comfort and well being, is central to Weltevree's philosophy. Inextricably linked to this the use of honest materials, a transparent production process and skilled suppliers. Weltevree's best know products are probably the original Dutchtub and the Stonestove, a classic from 1999 that had never before been produced for the consumer market.

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