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Babel by Studio Parade for Spectrum consists of a modular system and is multi functional; It can be used as side table, bookcase or room divider. The object consists of birch plywood, the shelves are laminated on both sides with a synthetic matt longwearing laminate. Every module will be delivered with loose blocks, which can be placed into the cabinet at owns way and taste. Above all Babel is an eye catcher and a special object in every room!

Studio Parade

Birch plywood

- Babel 60: 150 x 30 x H 62 cm
- Babel 90: 150 x 30 x H 93 cm
- Babel 120: 150 x 30 x H 123 cm
- Babel 150: 150 x 30 x H 154 cm
- Babel 180: 150 x 30 x H 185 cm

Babel is a modular system, which always has a first module of 60 cm high. Afterwards modules of 30 cm high are added and put on top.

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