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Stuff is a unique new cabinet system, designed by Studio Parade for Spectrum. This system consists of stackable leight weight modules: a base, upholstered units, open frames and tops. As soon as the frame is mounted to the bottom unit, all units can be stacked at your own taste and insight. In this way a personal cabinet develops, without using any tools, and in a quick and simple way. And can be changed at any time by simply switching the modules to another position. Stuff can be used as a wall system, but also as room divider, and is also sound-damping!

Studio Parade

Frame: Steel powder coated RAL 9003
Fabric: Pause, Plot, Remix, Steelcut trio 2

Multi colour options.
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Cabinet 1 - 60x35x160 cm
Cabinet 2 - 60x35x160 cm
Cabinet 3 - 180x35x55 cm
Cabinet 4 - 180x35x55 cm
Cabinet 5 - 180x35x96 cm
Cabinet 6 - 180x35x96 cm
Cabinet 7 - 120x35x117 cm
Cabinet 8 - 120x35x117 cm
Cabinet 9 - 120x35x180 cm
Cabinet 10 - 120x35x180 cm

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