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Martin Visser designed the sofa BR 02.7 for Spectrum in the late 1950's. The sofa has been in production ever since and has become a true classic. In 1988, the loose armrest was added. A simple movement converts the sofa into a sofa bed. The sofa and armrest are available in the fabric of your choice. However, because of the austere shape of the design, the use of an elastic fabric is recommended. The frame is made of matt chrome-plated metal.

Martin Visser

Black epoxy or matte chrome-plated metal frame, fabric upholstery

The Sofa is available in several fabric upholstery options to best suit your taste. See the available Kvadrat list below. Please contact us for more information.

192 x 92(100) x H 70 cm

Kvadrat fabric
Remix (fabric cat. 1)
Divina 3 (fabric cat. 3)
Divina Melange 2 (fabric cat. 5)
Tonica 2 (fabric cat. 3)

Chicago (fabric cat. 7)
Clara (fabric cat. 2)
Coda (fabric cat. 7)
Divina (fabric cat. 3)
Divina Melange 2 (fabric cat. 5)
Hallingdal 65 (fabric cat. 4)
Highfield (fabric cat. 7))
Molly (fabric cat. 3)
Outback (fabric cat. 7)
Remix (fabric cat. 1)
Skifer 3 (fabric cat. 7)
Steelcut 2 (fabric cat. 4)
Steelcut Trio 2 (fabric cat. 4)
Stripes (Maharam) (fabric cat. 14)
Tonica (fabric cat. 3)
Tonus 3 (fabric cat. 3)
Willow (fabric cat. 5)

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